RateMyDrip was first conceptualized in 2007 under the name “RateMySwag”. It started with my brother as a way for him and his friends to determine who has the most swag among them. I remember they would always jokingly debate who it was so my brother created the website “RateMySwag” to let the public decide. This became a way for people to connect and vote on the best fashion taste. At the time, my brother was working towards his degree so unfortunately, he was not able to take the risk to pursue this idea any further. 

Fast forward to 13 years later to when the idea of RateMyDrip was born. In December 2020, my siblings and I wanted to create a way to connect people all over the world through fashion. 

RateMyDrip is the first ever social media app geared towards fashion. We feel as though a majority of social media apps today focus solely on looks whereas we want to focus on fashion as a whole. We believe fashion is for everyone! Looks are completely subjective because everyone has their own standard of beauty, but drip is undeniable. Fashion gives you more ways to express your true self. Fashion is something we can all be inspired by, from people all over the world. Just like music, it can start from anywhere and have influence globally. 

Our aim to connect people through fashion. Not just in our city, but all over the world!

Here at RateMyDrip we believe that when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good you do good - inspired by Deion “Primetime” Sanders.

Fashion is for everyone, looks fade but DRIP is forever.