What is RateMyDrip?

RateMyDrip is the first ever social media app dedicated to fashion. We want to see what drip looks like in all parts of the world.

Why was RateMyDrip created?

RateMyDrip was created as a way to connect people from all over the world through fashion. We wanted to create a community where everyone can showoff their best selves. It’s all about the drip!

What seperates RateMyDrip from other social media apps?

Majority of apps today focus on looks and conventional beauty while we focus on the fashion. We want to highlight the effort it takes to come up with some drip rather than how much an outfit costs. Whether it is all designer, or all thrift store finds, we let the people decide! At RateMyDrip, we believe fashion is a means to express yourself and show your trueself. We have a variety of features unlike any app on the market and we are excited for you all to see them.

What is Drip Points?

Drip Points are points that you can acquire in the app that allows you to unlock some exclusive features to customize your profile. For each milestone that you reach, your profile page will reveal an icon to reflect your new level. Check out the achievements page to see what we have in store!

How can I give Feedback?

Go to Settings → Contact Support → Select Feedback from the drop-down menu


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